Sunday, September 4, 2011

33 weeks

Well, I am now 33 weeks- that means MAYBE 7 more weeks! Everything has been going well- she is still REALLY high, I worry she is TOO comfortable since my torso is so long, and she now has more space since Im starting to poke out more and more. She seems to like my ribs, but also stands on my bladder, as if she is just standing straight up- and last Doc appt he said she was doing JUST that. I cant believe I am now seeing the doctor on a bi-weekly basis, that just makes it so REAL!

I wont lie, I am getting REALLY nervous for the delivery. I know that it is supposed to be this AMAZING experience, but I am just terrified for it!

We are still trying to come up with a good spelling for the name, I am tossed between Madilynn, Madelynn, Madilyn, or Maddelyn. haha, Chase is happy with what ever, so it comes down to me coming up with it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

28 weeks

Well, I am 28 weeks now, these are hard pictures to see, but you get the general idea!

The doctor said that she is tall, and the ultra sound tech. had to adjust her chair in order to move the wand all over my belly, she has a lot of room, so she is all stretched out in there! haha.

:D I am still craving donuts, cheese, and soda pop- but not as much as before!

It looks like so far she has my nose (poor thing) and Chases big lips (PERFECT!) good mix between the two of us, but you never know till she comes along, eh?

Only 3 months to go! (a bit less)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Things I love about THIS summer so far:
*Getting things ready for the baby
*Having such a GREAT time with Chase (When we get it)
*Feeling the baby move
*Car shows
*All the city "days"
*The SUN!
*Taking the dogs to lakes and on hiking trails
*Taking myself to the lake :D
*Watching Hadley (my niece) play in water
*Watching Marley (my standard poodle) bite and bark at the sprinklers
*The picture opportunities
*Abbey (My lab) getting so scared at the fireworks that she basically ends up in my lap
*Getting a LITTLE color on my face.. :)
*Summer clothes

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

24 weeks

I am now 24 weeks, and kind of starting to show.

The Doctor said that the baby is growing just right, he said that her bones are a little longer than the typical baby- which means that she is on her way to be tall- but we are both pretty tall, so that's expected! It looks like she has moms nose, poor thing.. haha, we are so excited, when we got home we watched the ultra sound DVD again and again :D

I have started painting the room, and my dear daddy is going to come help me with putting in the bead board! My amazing cousin is making the bedding, so that is a sigh of relief that I will have what I want! Things are coming together really nicely :D

Now if I could only get things completely organized in my house! Or better yet have the energy to DO that! haha

Thursday, June 9, 2011


ok, so I have been super sick all day, and left at home with my lap top.. and of course I go CRAZY looking for baby stuff- these are just a few things I have found:
Can you tell I LOVE my colors I chose?! lol!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I was thinking about colors for the babies room, and these are what I was thinking:
Black and white would be the main colors, and then I would use the peacock blue, and purple accents--- the green is still pretty IFFY, but I really like them, what do you think!?!? Also if anyone knows where I can get stuff in these colors let me know, I want a boutiquee look for the room- not like butterfly stuff..

Its a GIRL

We are so excited to have a little girl! She also has one already born girl cousin, and two other girl cousins on their way! We are a girl family!! Chase was sad a little that it wasn't a boy, but I think he has fallen head over heals in love with the idea of a sweet little girl! Bows tutus and all!!

I haven't posted many pictures, because Im not
showing much!! But I am now 18 weeks, and in a little over a week, I will be having the "big" ultra sound... what ever that means. Haha, this is all so exciting and new to both Chase and I, and its such a fun adventure feeling this little person rolling around in side me! Its even more fun that I am starting to feel her kicking on the outside! I keep grabbing Chases hand to feel it too, but he has yet to catch it! She rarely does it yet, but it is like clock work when she starts rolling around in there!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Due Date

9 weeks
11 Weeks

Thats right folks, I am pregnant! :D I am 11 weeks along, so only 6 months to go. Due October 20th! I was HOPING for a Halloween baby, because it is my favorite holiday, and because those birthday parties would be BOMB! But when we went into the doctor, at what I thought was 9 weeks- he told me I was ACTUALLY 11 weeks!! So.... surprise! :D
We weren't planning on this right now (we wanted to wait a good 6 months longer) but we are very excited, and ready for it!
I will find out next visit what I am having, we are hoping for a boy!! Wish us luck!! :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Mexican Riviera

Chase is officially hooked on cruising, the moment we got off the boat he was calling everyone he knew to talk about it, and make plans for the next cruise! If you have never been on one, I would HIGHLY recommend going! Its cheap enough, and you can get in some GREAT couple time, (or single time if thats what you need :)
We had two different stops (was originally three, but they decided going to Mazatlan would be a bad idea what with the drugs, and violence going on there right now....) Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vaillarta, we got to stay two days in Cabo, so it was REALLY for the better that we only had the two ports! :)
In Cabo we did some shopping on the first day, and some exploring around the little town, and then the next day we went snorkling, we saw SO many fish! It was crazy the selection and how BIG they are- we also saw some Jelly fish, and crabs, very cool! Then in Puerto Vaillarta we went on the Extreme zip line adventure (or something). First we got on a small raft boat (that goes like 40 MPH in the middle of the ocean) and they took us to this secluded beach, and then we got in these cars (they are CRAZY drivers) and went up the mountain, THEN got on Mules to take us to the first zip line! They had 9 lines all together, including a couple repels, one down a waterfall! And one was a free fall repel! I have never done that before (the free fall) and it was SO scary, but SO FUN!!!
The rest of the time, we did lots of lounging around, eating the AWESOME food, getting some sun, and playing some ping pong, and dice games :)
It was a BLAST! I am so glad we got to go before Chase heads back to school, and our lives get too busy to do that stuff!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A year ago....

2010 was one crazy year!!!

I cant believe how much can change, or happen in a year! It seems like after high school is over that time FLIES! I cant believe that this year will be year 5 since high school!!

::Well, I will try to give the readers digest version what what changes happened, or what we did this year::
*First and foremost Chase came home from Iraq in March- and I was alive again!

*Chase got me a nice DSLR camera, and I have taken off with it! Go take a look at what I have done at I I have REALLY enjoyed doing this, and cant wait till I can get even more experience, I have noticed that I don't have to take quite so many pictures now that I am more experienced. I have a passion for it that I didn't even know I had.

*We went on vacations in early summer- starting with a trip to Blanding, and Lake Powell, up to Preston a few times, to Rigby ID, Missouri, and did a few runs to Park City, and Logan.

*We now have a new family member, her name is Kitty Meow. She is a sweet heart!

*As of this year, I have been working with my Doctor for 2 years, and I just LOVE it, couldn't ask for a better boss, and office manager! I have never had a job in which I wake up and am excited to go to school- a job in which I cant think of leaving ever!

* This year with my family, a few changes- Justin got married to Miss Alaine, she is a doll, and is now pregnant! (Im hoping for a boy!) and Amanda had the first niece/grand daughter, Hadley, she is SUCH a sweet heart, I can even believe how in love I am with her. Amanda is also pregnant with baby girl number two!

* In Chases family, only a couple changes, Coltin got engaged to his girlfriend- Megan, and they are due to get married this May! I am doing their wedding pictures! I am so glad to do them! :D

* I have had a few friends have babies or get pregnant- Megan- my best friend of like 12 years, had her first baby boy November 16th! And my best friend Dani got pregnant with baby number two! Its a little girl- due in April! My friend Becky is adopting- due February 15th! Lindsey and Jacki had their boys this year as well! There are so many, I hope I am not missing any.

*Unfortunately, the year hasn't been stress free- Chase started school this year at Steven Henegars- he will get his nursing degree about a year and a half sooner (than if he were to get into it this year at Weber, and THAT is just another story all together...!) with his nursing degree.

* I have also learned that some people in life are better off left alone, than fighting. Because they have a negative effect on my life for the most part, I learn that more and more every day, with, oddly, a lot of people I run across. but I have had a fall out or two with some friends that would bring me down and cause problems, rather than reach out with love, and support. And even some family members I have distanced myself from for some reasons.. Its been a tough year for sure, but I have also revived some old friend ships, or continued on those that matter, and have the same idea about relationships that I do. :)

All around it has been a GREAT year full of lots of obsticles, as well as joy!! I love my life, I wouldn't change even the bad stuff, because I know all it does is make me stronger!!